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WNT Ventures - Expert Session: Steve Saunders

Steve Saunders, CEO and Founder of Robotics Plus shares his insights in launching an Agritech company from New Zealand into the world

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Thu 19 May 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM



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WNT Ventures - Expert Session: Steve Saunders

We live in a growing world where it is becoming harder to supply healthy food options like fresh produce to people globally and keep maintain a competitive price point against processed alternatives. Robotics can help the sustainable future of fresh produce.

Steve Saunders built Robotics Plus with an approach to business that provides access to cutting-edge technology through contract service. This means their customers do not have to buy complete systems and get the most up-to-date versions on the market.

Through his 30-years of experience, Steve has seen how customer insights are critical to creating systems suitable for the industry. For this reason, Robotics Plus' core strategic focus and function have been directed at the research and development of a suite of technologies, such as an Autonomous, Kiwifruit Harvester and a Robotic Apple Packing Cell, to name a few.

Under Steve's leadership, Robotics Plus has been named a Top 50 Innovative & Influential Company and has become a world-leading robotics and automation company, unlocking new levels of productivity in some of the world's most labor-intensive food and fibre value chains.

Steve is also a Director of WNT Ventures Management and an Investment Committee member for WNT Ventures where he provides market insights and investment perspectives into the next generation of deep-tech companies.

In this session, Steve will dive deep into the challenges the Agritech sector currently faces, from supply chain issues to recruitment and climate change, and how robotics can become a tool to alleviate the hurdles.

The session will be facilitated by Nick Couch, Investment Manager at WNT Ventures.

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Steve Saunders

CEO/Founder - Robotics Plus

Steven Saunders (Ngāti Ranginui) has 34 years’ experience in the Horticultural and food sector and is the founder, owner and Managing Director of the Plus Group of companies, specialising in horticulture management consultancy, orchard ownership, global pollen production, Robotic development (Robotics Plus ltd), international ventures, applied technology, environmental research, innovation and science.


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