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WNT Ventures Expert Sessions: Sabeen Shaikh - Healthtech going global

Sabeen Shaikh, a global healthcare expert shares insights into how to streamline your strategy

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Wed 18 May 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM




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WNT Ventures Expert Sessions: Sabeen Shaikh - Healthtech going global

In recent years there has been a shift with medical device companies focusing more on becoming software orientated, not just about the devices they are manufacturing. The software combined with devices helps to accelerate adoption of a product, but also offers better insights or outcomes to the clinicians, hospitals, or patients.

Many medical device companies don’t have that software expertise within their existing skill sets, and many are now looking externally to build or partner for software that complements their device. The bringing together of devices brings additional regulatory requirements with Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) but also remarkable growth opportunities to bring greater impact to broader patient populations.

Sabeen Shaikh is an international healthcare business executive with nearly 20 years of experience in corporates and startups across the US, Australia, and Asia-Pacific regions. She works with governments, medical device corporates, venture capital and private equity funds, and global start-ups on new healthcare innovations, and how to get them to market.

Sabeen works with early-stage start-ups who might require help with navigating the regulatory environment, and also investors, angels, or VCs looking to do due diligence on potential investment into early-stage companies, also some executive functions. She also helps to build out commercial strategies, exploring product-market fit and global expansion opportunities, and the most meaningful impact distribution model for a particular product.

Sabeen has been working with WNT Ventures in several of our portfolio companies and we are excited to hear her insights to help NZ's healthtech companies going global.

The session will be facilitated by Maria Jose Alvarez, Investment Manager at WNT Ventures.

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Sabeen Shaikh

Founder / Managing DirectorFounder/Managing Director - Crescent Strategy Consulting

Sabeen Shaikh is an executive with nearly two decades of experience in the healthcare industry between corporate and innovation roles. Her leadership ranges from those with large multi-national companies and large businesses to executive roles for scaling start-ups. The commercial roles capture the US and Australian markets, while the consulting and advisory roles are global with innovative start-ups, corporate partners, governments, peak society bodies, and venture capital firms. Sabeen’s expertise is focused on commercialising new technologies to the markets, scaling businesses through commercial leadership, change management, and developing effective go-to-market launch strategies. 

Sabeen is passionate about healthcare access to underserved populations globally, with a strong interest in new technologies for unmet medical needs.  She speaks on national and regional platforms about innovation trends in Australasia / Asia-Pacific, reverse innovation, and the needs for corporates to expand their acquisition strategies.  Sabeen's work gives her visibility to both the high-level trends in strategy, as well as the granular trends within innovation.


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