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23 Nov 2021

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Turning Smartphones into telematic sensors

4 May 2021

Techweek advocate partner, Tower, tells us about partnering with a global heavyweight to bring new technology to New Zealand’s insurance sector and boost its product offering with a clever app.

How to choose the best online platform

3 May 2021

  So you’ve selected a venue for your Techweek2021 event, but now you need to choose your online platform.

NZTE Event Playlist

3 May 2021

If you’ve got global ambitions for your business, our Techweek events are a good place to start turning your ideas into action.

Why smaller can be better: strategies for SaaS companies

3 May 2021

Author: New Zealand Team, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Small companies have several advantages over the big guys, says US tech entrepreneur Jason Fried, co-founder and CEO of Basecamp.

How much bandwidth does your business need?

30 Apr 2021

In today’s digital world, a strong internet connection is the lifeblood for most businesses.

Did you miss SME? What role for small businesses in the productivity mix?

29 Apr 2021

Gavin Lennox, Group CEO at The Icehouse, reacts to The Productivity Commission’s updated report on frontier firms. This article first appeared on LinkedIn.

Demystifying Industry 4.0

29 Apr 2021

Robotics, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, smart factories…we’ve all heard the buzzwords and hype of Industry 4. 0 (I4.

6 ways to ensure a successful digital event

29 Apr 2021

While digital events don’t require the logistical planning needed for physical events, they do still require preparation to ensure they go off without a hitch.

Forecasting offers ‘easy win’ for tech companies

28 Apr 2021

Financial forecasting is a simple tool that fast-moving tech companies can use to take control and get some clarity about the challenges and opportunities on their horizon.

Fast accessible NFTs without the middleman

27 Apr 2021

NFTs are the hot ticket in the digital world right now, but the barrier to entry still remains extremely high.

Engineering Better Health

27 Apr 2021

AUT’s BioDesign Lab is an interfaculty, interdisciplinary, pan-university research laboratory focused on using design methods and processes to develop bio-medical solutions for the health of all living things.

Jamie’s evolving life as a digital assistant in cyberspace

21 Apr 2021

Jamie, ANZ’s Digital Assistant brought to life by ANZ and Soul Machines in 2018, has proven a real asset in meeting our customers’ evolving needs, particularly in the current environment.