5 minutes with Priti Ambani

6 Dec 2017

We had a chat with Priti Ambani about innovating for the good...

5 minutes with Carolyn Tremain

27 Nov 2017

After getting on board with Techweek’17, the government’s lead business-facing agency MBIE...

Building a festival | How we chose the topics for Techweek'18

24 Nov 2017

Want to play a game? Grab a piece of paper and write...

Techweek'18 Event Submissions are NOW OPEN!

23 Nov 2017

The Techweek platform was created for you, so we encourage you make...

A New Zealand agritech win-win-win

23 Nov 2017

Here's a problem you might not know about if you spend most...

Meet the team | Rebecca Connon

15 Nov 2017

Meet Rebecca (aka Becks, Becky) — our all-round office superstar. 

Meet the team | Laura Kerrison

15 Nov 2017

Meet Laura, product manager at Springtimesoft Consulting, our technology delivery partner for Techweek'18.

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Meet the team | Elphie Doge

14 Nov 2017

Our part-time office dog belongs full-time to marketing manager Courteney Peters, who...

David Downs on the importance of tenacity

13 Nov 2017

Author, comedian and Techweek advisory board member David Downs generously shares his...

Popping bubbles | Access Granted on the power of community

8 Nov 2017

We talk to Mike Riversdale and Raj Khushal, founders of Tech podcast Access Granted,...

Introducing | Techweek Discovery

1 Nov 2017

In May 2017, Techweek became a nationwide festival.

5 minutes with Vic Crone

1 Nov 2017

In 2018, Techweek is focusing its stories and event programme on one...

Meet the team | Courteney Peters

31 Oct 2017

Meet Courteney, our new Marketing and Communications Manager

Meet the team | Jennifer Clamp

31 Oct 2017

Meet our fearless leader, Techweek's National Director, Jennifer Clamp. 

Viva(Tech) Forever

31 Oct 2017

Almost 70,000 tech enthusiasts descended on Paris this June for VivaTech, an...

Meet the team | Alicia Northridge

31 Oct 2017

Meet Alicia, Techweek's Festival Manager.

Meet the team | Perrin Reilly

30 Oct 2017

Meet Perrin, director at Springtimesoft Consulting, our technology delivery partner for Techweek'18.

Meet the team | Anita Millard

11 Oct 2017

Meet Anita, she's our new Operations Manager.

Innovation that's good for the world at Techweek'18

5 Oct 2017

Following the success of the Techweek’17 focus on finding local answers to...

10 strategies for start-ups at events

5 Oct 2017

Starting a new business is anything but easy, and making people aware...

5 ways to win at networking

16 Aug 2017

The common phrase, ‘it’s not what you know it’s who you know,’...

Techweek'17 | The Recap

26 May 2017

It was 9 days actually – an extended week during which we...

Women in Tech at Techweek'17

11 May 2017

A global question that can’t be escaped at Techweek’17 is, "how to...

The Future of Food at Techweek'17

9 May 2017

In 2017, for the first time ever, the Metro Restaurant of the Year...

Why robots will grow your fruit in the future

1 Jan 2017

"Outside, it’s all rolling hills and kiwifruit orchards in bloom."

Techweek'17 | Answers and questions

8 Dec 2016

The Techweek’17 programme is taking shape, and we are so excited to...

Plugging into GridAKL

20 May 2016

Connection. Collaboration. Co-working.