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23 Nov 2021

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How to present like a pro

17 May 2021

Presenting can be nerve-wrecking at the best of times, but digital events can add an additional element of stress - navigating technology as well as your presentation.

Where to start when developing your SaaS sales strategy

17 May 2021

 Author: Australia Pacific Team, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Selling direct to your end users lets you stay in touch with their issues, pain points and potential prospects.

How a ‘digital twin’ can help us plan our infrastructure investment

17 May 2021

Beca Chief Digital Officer, Thomas Hyde, calls for a national digital strategy and a digital twin model of the entire country to pull together our country’s fragmented building plans.

The robots are coming!

17 May 2021

The robots are coming for our jobs, they say.

Supporting those returning to work is a win-win for everyone!

14 May 2021

At ANZ, everything we do boils down to our purpose - "to shape a world where people and communities thrive.

Listed technology sector comes of age

14 May 2021

Given digital firms’ importance during the pandemic, ASX’s new All Tech index – Australia’s version of the NASDAQ – could not have come at a more opportune time.

Internet connectivity: the lifeblood of modern business

14 May 2021

Think for a moment: if your business was to suddenly go offline, would you still be able to process payments? Would you be able to contact your customers and have…

The golden age of health-tech

13 May 2021

Celebrating health-tech innovation and growth in AotearoaCovid-19 has turned the world on its head, but it’s also sparked accelerated change in health-tech - and attracted a large amount of capital…

Captioning and NZ Sign Language

13 May 2021

Article written by: Chandra Harrison, Managing Director - Access Advisors. Captioning and NZ Sign Language interpretation is vital for many people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Accessibility Tips for Virtual Events

13 May 2021

Article written by: Chandra Harrison, Managing Director - Access Advisors.

The world at our fingertips – how technology is reshaping news and entertainment

11 May 2021

Technology has had a huge impact on news and entertainment, fundamentally reshaping countless industry segments.

The faces of tech: From grad to team lead

11 May 2021

In 2007, Arthur Shih was ready to graduate and consider his options.