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Local leaders on the global stage, helping to amplify the bold, big ideas of brands big and small, through powerful, premium digital billboards.

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Continual changes in media consumption has seen opportunities for genuine brand touch points grow increasingly difficult. Such a change demands advertisers not only reach audiences with certainty, but do so in the right context, and at times when they are most receptive. The requirement for creating Future Demand through sustained brand building tactics and trusted media decisions has never been so important.

Born in Auckland, LUMO has gained recognition both here and abroad for its application of progressive Digital Out of Home technology & creative solutions, helping brands to stand out and make lasting impressions. Built to capture attention at the most opportune moments, it’s nationwide digital billboard network operates at the intersection of the digital and physical world, strategically positioned in well-known, highly visible urban locations to reach nearly 2 million Kiwis, every week.

This year, LUMO is set to power Techweek by switching on its extensive, locally owned DOOH network - spotlighting the week's events and celebrating the successes & people behind some of the country's most recognised tech companies.