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About Techweek

Techweek is Aotearoa New Zealand’s festival for tech that’s good for the world. In 2024, the festival returns nationwide from 20-26 May. 

Who runs Techweek?

Techweek is run by NZTech — your unified industry voice driving tech for good. NZTech is a not-for-profit membership funded NGO that connects, promotes and advances tech to create a better tomorrow for all New Zealanders.

The nationwide programme is developed and curated locally by our regional partners. With local programmes and events created by local people, Techweek New Zealand is globally unique in presenting a grass roots, authentic national festival that accelerates the growth of New Zealand's impactful tech sector. 

Techweek’s key objectives are to:

Connect across the public and private sectors in order to…

 Promote New Zealand technology success and opportunities to the New Zealand public and the world, and…

Advance the growth of tech in New Zealand through one unified voice and platform

Techweek has been sparking the national conversation about New Zealand technology for more than a decade

Each year, Techweek features hundreds of events nationwide, engaging thousands of Kiwi across the motu, driving a nation-wide conversation about the value and impact of emerging technology upon the lives of New Zealanders.

Techweek24's strategic pillars

Our strategic pillars shape the Techweek24 programme, and help guide our event organiser community to create events that will have a tangible impact on the growth of New Zealand technology for the benefit of all New Zealanders. We work with strategic partners across the public and private sectors to bring these pillars to life during Techweek. 













Our history

Techweek is not only a tech festival, but a platform designed to help communities, educators, businesses and organisations create, promote and run successful virtual, hybrid and physical tech events across New Zealand.

Techweek 2022's festival was a call to action for Aotearoa to tell its story. With opportunities to demonstrate how technology can help keep people connected and the economy active, by showcasing local tech talent, inspiring the next generation, and building tech capability throughout New Zealand.

  • 417 events run throughout New Zealand
  • 576 speakers
  • Attended by more than 30,000 people online and in-person

Visit the Techweek2022 website

A window of opportunity allowed Techweek21 to run its busy schedule of in-person and online events in 2021. Acknowledging the digital dividend provided by COVID-19, TW21 lay the foundations for accelerated innovation and uptake of digital systems in Aotearoa.  

  • 374 events
  • 28 locations
  • Attended by more than 27,200 people online and in-person

Visit the Techweek2021 website.

The Techweek team responded positively to the challenges of COVID-19 and successfully implemented a 100% digital platform for all events.

Looking ahead to focus on ‘connecting our future’ by being recognised as the platform for everyone to meet, share ideas and create connections to enhance our future world.

  • 308 online events
  • Attended by more than 20,428 people online

Visit the Techweek2020 website.

Sticking with the theme of ‘good for the world’. TW19 saw the growth of TechweekTV to daily live webcasts and the creation of the Techweek Schools Series.

  • 562 events
  • 28 locations
  • Attended by more than 46,000 people

Visit the Techweek2019 website.

Building momentum and focusing on ‘innovation that is good for the world’ and launching TechweekTV.

  • 540 events
  • 24 locations
  • Attended by more than 21,000 people

Visit the Techweek2018 website.

Expanding to become a Nationwide initiative with a curated programme focused on ‘finding local answers to global questions’.

  • 287 events
  • 24 locations
  • Attended by more than 20,000 people

Visit the Techweek2017 website.

NZTech and ATEED join forces to produce TechweekAKL - a festival of innovation ecosystem.

  • 55 events across
  • Auckland only
  • Attended by 10,000 people

Was created by NZTech and the Hi-Tech Trust to coincide with the Hi-Tech Awards, to build enthusiasm around new technologies being developed in New Zealand.

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