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Deloitte’s Tech Trends 2023: the Technology Forces Shaping Tomorrow

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By Matt Dalton is Partner for Consulting at Deloitte | Lara Mckittrick is Director of Technology Strategy & Transformation at Deloitte

2 May 2023

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Deloitte's 14th annual Tech Trends report investigates the opportunities presented by emerging technologies in the areas of interaction, information, and computation, as well as the foundational areas of business technology, cyber and trust, and core modernization. Through the stories of pioneering organizations, the report notes current developments across sectors and geographies, highlights new technologies and approaches that could become the norm within 18-24 months, and predicts where trends may head during the coming decade.

This trend report is divided into two sections: "Eyes to the sky" and "Feet firmly on the ground." "Eyes to the sky" focuses on the history of IT and its steady evolution through pioneering innovations in interaction, information, and computation, which are considered the enduring eternities of modern computing. "Feet firmly on the ground" examines how existing systems and investments can integrate with pioneering innovations to help businesses seamlessly operate while they grow. This section highlights the foundational forces of business technology, cyber and trust, and core modernization.

Deloitte have identified six emerging technology disciplines that could have a significant impact on business innovation. These trends include immersive internet, AI, multicloud, flexible tech workforce, decentralized architectures and ecosystems, and mainframe modernization. The report provides detailed information about each trend, including how they are being used by pioneering organizations and their potential evolution in the future.

Historically, the term "technology" has referred to information technology. However, an extended set of technologies, or xTech, is on the horizon. We anticipate that these emerging technology disciplines will eventually rival IT in their impact on business innovation.

Explore the report and learn more about the technology forces shaping tomorrow here.

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