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Europe’s top and emerging tech hubs

New Zealand Tech Stories

29 April 2024

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This article was originally posted by myNZTE.

Europe's vibrant and growing tech sector is home to some of the world's leading tech companies, and is a major hub for sectors like AI, fintech and cybersecurity. Find out about the region’s top tech hubs in this NZTE research report to help you grow your tech business in Europe.


About this report

While many European nations are attractive destinations for tech talent and investment, each has different strengths and weaknesses to weigh up.

This NZTE-produced market research report can help you decide where to expand or base your business in Europe. It looks at the tech scene in 10 different countries, and dives deeper into their top cities, characteristics, notable verticals and industry events.

A tech expert offers his thoughts on the sector’s key trends, challenges the continent is facing, the pros and cons of each country’s scene, and other valuable insights – all through a New Zealand lens.

To read more, download the full ‘Tech Hubs in Europe’ research report from the myNZTE website.


This article was originally posted by myNZTE.

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