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Digital transformation

Building Business Resilience Through Technology

Lessons from a tech startup enabling businesses to be more resilient through the use of an innovative new video streaming platform.

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Mon 16 May 5:30 PM - 6:15 PM



Vidzing.tv, Diana Drive, Wairau Valley, Auckland


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Building Business Resilience Through Technology

Join the founding team of Vidzing, a new video streaming platform, as they share their startup story. A story of pivoting from an events company to a video streaming platform. Hear about the learnings from the companies who have moved to digital and the resilience this new technology has afforded.

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Kimberley Ramsay


I'm an ex-lawyer/accountant who founded the sport and industry of cheerleading in New Zealand.  I run a global event company operating in NZ, Australia & the US.  During the 2020 covid lockdown we needed to livestream and ticket our events.  I found a gap in the market and quickly pivoted to build a cool new tech startup - Vidzing, a video streaming platform. The easiest place to host, manage, sell and stream video content.  Vidzing is an online video platform that provides creators the ability to stream, host, store, ticket, sell and securely gate video content globally. Our bold ambition is to build a better YouTube one that puts creators first, a place where they are empowered by us & have total control. 

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