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Digital Tools for remote collaboration & creativity

Bring a laptop and a collaborative spirit for this learn-by-doing exploration of digital tools for creative collaboration at a distance

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Date and time:

Tue 17 May 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Virtual + In person


TSB Hub - South Taranaki, Camberwell Road, Hāwera 4610

East Lounge - TSB Hub, Hāwera


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Digital Tools for remote collaboration & creativity

Not sure whether you need purpose-built apps or can collaborate just as successfully using free, cloud-based tools? Come along for a masterclass in collaborative techniques for remote groups who need occasional – or regular – doses of creativity.

We’ll look at two different approaches dictated by the choice of tools, and find out the advantages and drawbacks of each by using them in a true-to-life creative collaboration.

This is a highly interactive, learn-by-doing workshop led by strategist and facilitator Dan Thurston Crow. All you need to bring is a working laptop and a spirit of collaboration.

Please arrive by 5.15pm to enjoy the food and refreshments provided.

We will start the zoom at 5.30pm

RSVP: theteam@bizlinkhawera.co.nz

This community event listing is made possible with the support of NZTech

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Dan Thurston Crow

Engagement Strategist

Here's what I've discovered in a decade-or-so working with organizations that have ambitions to be great:
*you can't fool people into caring about your thing*.

If they see that you're doing something important, or cool, or at least interesting, people will just care.

If not, all the fancy (and expensive) branding, marketing and organizational culture-making won't truly, deeply engage them.

And really, you *are* doing something at-the-very-least interesting.

I can help you better define and describe what that is.

I can boost your efforts to improve the design, development and delivery of your thing, and how you present it to the world.

This is important because, for your thing to be all it can be, you need to earn enthusiasm. From all the people that matter – your customers, your employees, your investors, the communities that give you permission to operate, and members of the supply chain that keeps your operation ticking over.

If you're not earning the enthusiasm you deserve, let's have a chat about what you can do to more effectively show people how important, or cool, or interesting your thing is.

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