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Discover SFIA: Introduction to the SFIA framework + version 9 preview

What digital skills do you have, and what skills do you need? Join us for an introduction to SFIA, and an early look at version 9!

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20 May, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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Discover SFIA: Introduction to the SFIA framework + version 9 preview

Digital skills and roles are changing almost every day. The need to think about professional development in a more structured and consistent way is becoming critical for all of us.

Meet SFIA – the Skills Framework for the Information Age. SFIA is a fantastic tool to understand and build on your digital skills and capability. SFIA continues to grow in use across NZ and the region, and is proving to be an invaluable tool for both organisations and individuals to shape thinking around skills and capability.

This workshop will introduce you to what SFIA is and how to use it. We will highlight ways of using SFIA to understand what digital skills you have, what digital skills you need, and how to make the most of them. We’ll look at how to use SFIA throughout the talent cycle (for organisations) and in your own career (for individuals). There will be a big focus on its benefits for professional development and lifting organisational capability.

We will also be sharing an update on the upcoming version 9 of SFIA to be released towards the end of 2024. The NZ digital community has made a significant contribution to the development of version 9.

The Digital Skills Agency is the leading regional expert in SFIA. We are an Accredited Partner, Training Partner and Assessment Partner of the SFIA Foundation and a member of the Global SFIA Council. Our mission is to help you be more human in a digital world. We’re experts in digital skills, capability and transformation. We’ve supported many SFIA success stories within IT and digital teams through consultancy, training, recruitment and advisory support.

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Mary-Anne Merriott

Director and Principal

Mary-Anne is passionate about building brilliant teams. She believes everyone wants to be fulfilled at work, and everyone deserves to have and to be part of a great team. Mary-Anne specialises in helping tech and digital leaders design, hire, and develop exceptional teams. In 2020, she joined the Digital Skills Agency with a vision to support digital organisations and individuals to succeed in the modern world.

Mary-Anne is a leading expert in skills based recruitment using SFIA - the Skills Framework for the Information Age. She is a SFIA Accredited Consultant, a Chartered Member of the CIPD (UK), AHRI (AU) and HRNZ (NZ), and a member of the RCSA.

Mary-Anne’s earlier career includes roles in HR leadership and recruitment. She has built and developed teams in tech and digital businesses in NZ, Australia, and around the world. She holds a Master’s degree in Personnel and Development from the University of Westminster and Bachelor’s degrees in both Law and Arts from the University of Auckland.

Mary-Anne lives in Auckland with her husband and four-legged family members. She spends her down time hiking and camping as much as possible, and loves to geek out over topographical maps.

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