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How Women Are Using AI Every Day

Unlock the power of AI in everyday life! Hear our panel of women speakers share how they’re using AI tools at home and work.

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25 May, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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How Women Are Using AI Every Day

Explore the practical applications and transformative impact of AI in daily life in this panel session of women from different industries discussing how they use Generative AI tools like ChatGPT. Gain insights, discover new possibilities, and be inspired to integrate AI into your own life, whether at home or in the workplace. This event is designed to demystify Generative AI and empower you to give it a go!


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Kara Kennedy

Digital & AI Skills Trainer, Author, Science Fiction Scholar

Kara Kennedy, PhD, is an educator, researcher, and writer in the areas of digital and AI literacy, technology, and science fiction. She believes that technology is for everyone and has seen the pressing need for digital and AI literacy and skill-building across all levels of society. She also believes science fiction is an important avenue for helping to spark interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) topics and to imagine a better future. 

One of her goals is to empower women to gain confidence and skills in digital technology and AI tools so they can not only have a seat at the table, but lead the way in the digital world. Her work in the university and polytechnic education sector has given her valuable insights into people’s struggles with technology and ways to make it more accessible. 

In the academic sphere, she has published articles on digital and information literacy in Digital Humanities Quarterly and the Asia Pacific Journal of Education, and on the gender gap in Wikipedia in the Women’s Studies Journal (NZ) and She Ji: The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation. She is the author of three books on Frank Herbert’s science fiction series Dune and several articles on science fiction and fantasy literature. She blogs at and


Aayla Peebles

Mother, Leader, Business Strategist

Aayla is of Samoan, Chinese and German descent and grew up in South Auckland. Between her and her partner they have three beautiful children, and a dog, Kora. Aayla is an active, working mum who is involved in lots of other areas including church, netball and coaching/mentoring other women. 

Aayla has a strong background in education and business and has worked across many different roles in the public sector. She also runs a small consulting business, supporting small businesses and community organisations with strategic planning and execution of their goals. 

Aayla is an avid user of AI technology and uses it in her everyday life for all kinds of purposes: planning birthdays, meals, travel, website making, business plans, marketing research, parenting strategies, dog training and so much more! 

She's a busy lady with a number of commitments and using AI helps to expand her knowledge and make these things much more managable, and ensures she has time to spend with her children and family. 

She believes AI tech tools can help people be better informed, organised and equipped for the future. She loves to share her knowledge with everyday people, and especially those who may not be in the know or are uncomfortable with using technology. She's passionate about supporting communities and reducing the growing impact of the digital divide in Aotearoa. 

​You can find out more about Aayla by visiting her website

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Zeena Khan

Leader, Speaker, Author

Hailing from Suva, Fiji, Zeena is a dynamic individual of Chinese, Fijian, and Indian heritage. Since the 80s, she has called South Auckland home, and now resides in the vibrant city of Wellington.

Zeena’s journey in leadership spans diverse industries, including Finance, Manufacturing, Utilities, and Education. She has seamlessly navigated both private and public sectors, with a common thread of technology woven throughout her career. Zeena is an advocate for continuous learning and transferable skills. Her passion for art, which she describes as her ‘zen,’ led her to publish her first poetry book in December 2020.

As an AI and Technology Enthusiast, she's excited to share her experience, delving into the intersection of AI and leadership as a panel speaker at Techweek 2024. Her unique perspective as a creative writer with her own blog adds depth to her insights. With the ever-evolving world of technology, Zeena believes that AI holds immense potential for shaping the future, and she looks forward to what promises to be an engaging and enlightening panel session. 

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Nori Ape

Enterprise Applications Lead @ SolarZero