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Power of LinkedIn - Personal Branding

Define your uniqueness, design your LinkedIn for authenticity, and deliver messages that build real connections and opportunities.

Date and time:

22 May, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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two36 Shared Space, 236 Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North Central, Palmerston North 4414

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Power of LinkedIn - Personal Branding

Step into the "Power of LinkedIn Workshop," where personal branding transforms from a concept to a practice that’s all about you. Discover how to articulate your unique strengths, tailor your LinkedIn profile to reflect your true self, and engage in meaningful ways that strengthen your professional relationships.

Designed for aspiring professionals, students and employees, this session provides strategic insights into crafting a compelling LinkedIn presence, fostering meaningful connections, and presenting your personal brand effectively.

Ramola Duncan will guide participants through the process of defining their unique qualities, designing their LinkedIn profiles to reflect their true selves, and crafting messages that forge genuine connections.

This event is supported by The Brave Venture, ManawaTech and Central Economic Development Agency and Manawatū Business Chamber.

Key Takeaways

1. Define Your Unique Brand: Clarify and articulate your unique professional attributes to lay the foundation of your personal brand on LinkedIn.

2. Design Your Profile for Impact: Optimize your LinkedIn profile to authentically and professionally reflect your personal brand.

3. Deliver Engaging Content: Formulate a strategy to create and share content that boosts your visibility and showcases your expertise.

4. Expand Your Professional Network: Employ advanced networking techniques to foster meaningful connections.

Why Attend?

This workshop is a must for anyone eager to refine their digital presence and use LinkedIn not just for networking, but for making genuine connections. It’s about bringing your true self to the forefront, ensuring that your personal brand is as authentic and impactful as you are. Because people do business with people!

Engage in this workshop designed to make your LinkedIn presence as dynamic and engaging as you are. Start creating a network that truly understands, connects and values you as an individual.

This is a FREE workshop - thanks to ManawaTech and Central Economic Development Agency (CEDA).

Registration is essential to provide the resources. Limited spaces available.


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Ramola Duncan


After two successful years of running the Power of LinkedIn workshop as a part of Tech Week with support from Manawatech, Ramola has been the driving force in empowering professionals to build their digital footprint.

A true relationship builder, Ramola places paramount importance on nurturing connections and constantly seeks to elevate projects with fresh ideas, both strategically and in their execution.

Her unwavering passion for generating innovative ideas extends to a wide array of endeavours, whether it's spearheading new campaigns, exploring business ventures, initiating special events, or delving into captivating concepts.

Embracing growth and development, she eagerly seeks opportunities to push boundaries and chart new paths.

Her mantra

"Do what makes you happy,
Sets your heart on fire,
Makes you get up and go,
Brings your soul alive!"