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Tech You Should Care About - NEW DATE

Join SYSCA CEO Lucy Blakiston & RUSH CTO/Founder Danu Abeysuriya for a one night, two-person tear-down of all things tech and innovation.

Tech You Should Care About - NEW DATE

Date and time:

Mon 16 May 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

In person


AUT City Campus, 55 Wellesley St E, Auckland, 1010

WG308 - Wave Room


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Tech You Should Care About - NEW DATE

~ ~ ~ 11/5 UPDATE! Event postponed for one week ~ ~ ~

Unfortunately covid has struck one of our speakers and they will still be recovering in isolation on Monday 16th May.

Considering the state of the world right now, we knew this was a possibility but we are still committed to holding an IRL event!

The new event date is Monday 23rd May, PLUS we're working on creating an exclusive piece of video content that we will share on our original event date.

This is sadly the nature of these times, but we’re sure you’re with us in wishing a safe and speedy recovery to the team, and we’re looking forward to seeing you… eventually!


Here are a few things that Lucy Blakiston, SYSCA CEO, and Danu Abeysuria, RUSH CTO, have in common:

- they took on founder life in their twenties

- they love to “say it like it is”

- they can take complex topics and break them down in a way that makes you GET it

So we are beyond stoked to host a one-night-only, live podcast style discussion... "Tech You Should Care About" which will make tech news and innovation accessible.

From AI and machine learning to EVs, crypto, and the ethics of data, you definitely won’t be bored. You can definitely expect swearing.

We’ve suggested a koha for this event. If you have the means, we’d really appreciate it as we’ll be donating the proceeds of this event to Ukraine through our friends at UNICEF Aotearoa.

In the event of covid restrictions that prevent this event running in person, we will record and distribute a video of the discussion.

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Danu Abesuriya 1

Danu Abeysuriya


Danu Abeysuriya has nearly two decades of experience as a technical innovator, entrepreneur, and leader in technology. He founded RUSH fourteen years ago and it quickly went from a garage start-up to developing world-first solutions for companies such as the Ministry of Health, Z Energy, ASB and Google to name a few.

As RUSH's CTO and computer vision lead, Danu oversees the technological direction of a company with its sights on making a global impact, with the ultimate purpose of designing technology to better serve humankind. 

Personally, Danu is passionate about social equity, poverty alleviation and education. "We have a responsibility to use our developer privilege to change the world for the better."

Lucy Blakiston

Lucy Blakiston

CEO/Content Director

At Shit You Should Care About we whole-bloody-heartedly believe that we should all be able to understand the world around us, because we’re the ones living it. So that’s what we do. We talk to you as your mates, not your teachers. We use words that you can understand to explain things you deserve to understand. We’re answering the questions that we are all asking.Founded in 2018, Shit You Should Care About started out as an Instagram account aimed at helping its young audience understand what’s happening in the news and the world around them by cutting through the bullshit, jargon and fake news to make the information that matters more accessible. Today the brand has grown to include a weekly short explainer video series Extremely Online, a couple of podcasts (The Shit Show, Culture Vulture) and a daily newsletter that wraps up what’s happening in the world each day.
Shit You Should Care About now has an average monthly reach of over 15 million Instagram users, and an audience of over 3.6 million followers – more than 75% of whom are under the age of 35. The account’s reach is truly global, with over half its audience coming from the US, followed by the UK, Australia and Canada.

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