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TechStep partners with Techweek24 with a focus on Diversity & Talent

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13 March 2024

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TechStep and Techweek24 are teaming up to bridge the gap between the tech sector and individuals who never thought a tech career was within their reach.  


Find out more about accessing TechStep funding to support your Techweek24 event here > 

In Aotearoa New Zealand, tech is a part of everyday work life, yet there are groups of people not currently well represented or supported in the sector – particularly women, Māori, Pacific, neuro-diverse and people with disabilities. TechStep is here to change that and prepare all Kiwis for the future of work. 

From kura/school-age children to rangatahi, career changers, and the people they go to for career advice, we're dedicated to making tech accessible to all Kiwis. 

Tech Step, a three-year project supported by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, is led by the Auckland Business Chamber, Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce, and a nationwide consortium of providers.


“We are looking forward to working with the Techweek24 team across Aotearoa New Zealand to support diversity and talent. 
TechStep is all about unlocking the potential of the rapidly growing tech sector in Aotearoa. We understand the importance of not only the careers of today but also the careers of tomorrow. Tech is constantly evolving, and we need to be ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.
Through TechStep, we are committed to inspiring and informing individuals about the exciting world of tech, whether it’s through careers, education, marketing, or events. Our aim is to be a reliable source of information for those who are looking to start a career in tech, change careers, or expand their knowledge in the sector.
We believe that New Zealand has the potential to be a leader in the international tech story and TechStep is here to ensure that our future workforce is ready to take on the challenge. Join us in this exciting journey as we explore the endless possibilities that the world of tech has to offer."

- Simon Bridges, Chief Executive, Auckland Business Chamber 

TechStep will be backing select events throughout regional Aotearoa. These events will showcase the diversity and talent within our tech sector, serving as a source of inspiration and information for individuals considering or pursuing a tech career. To find out more or apply for the funding, click here.

"It's great to be working with the consortium behind TechStep to increase diversity within the tech sector at Techweek24. Techweek is a key annual platform for increasing the visibility of under-represented groups in our sector, and aligning with TechStep – a project with the same goals and objectives as NZTech in this space — helps us all to increase the impact and reach of our work and achieve better outcomes, faster." 

- Graeme Muller, Chief Executive, NZTech

Curious about a tech career? Hear from our TechStep Ambassadors who have made it a reality. Their stories prove it's possible and achievable: Check out TechFlicks >

Find out more about accessing TechStep funding to support your Techweek24 event here > 

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