Techweek returns 20-26 May 2024!

Save the date for 2024 and join us to celebrate New Zealand tech that's good for the world.

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Techweek24 — Save the Date!

Techweek24 Updates

6 November 2023

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Techweek returns from 20-26 May 2024. For a decade Aotearoa New Zealand's festival for tech that's good for the world has brought New Zealanders together to collectively imagine our future. 

Whether you're looking to connect, upskill or be inspired by new and emerging technologies, Techweek has something for you. From conferences to meet-ups, from hackathons to family days — this week is our chance to celebrate the world-first, world-class tech that's being created right here in Aotearoa New Zealand, for the world. 

It all culminates with the the New Zealand tech sector's night of nights, the NZ Hi-Tech Awards Gala Dinner, when we gather to celebrate the momentum of our 2nd largest export sector, and it's contribution to New Zealand's economy.  

Who runs Techweek?

Techweek is run by NZTech — your unified industry voice driving tech for good. NZTech is a not-for-profit membership funded NGO that connects, promotes and advances tech to create a better tomorrow for all New Zealanders.

The nationwide programme is developed and curated locally by our regional partners. With local programmes and events created by local people, Techweek New Zealand is globally unique in presenting a grass roots, authentic national festival that accelerates the growth of New Zealand's incredible tech sector. 

Techweek24's strategic pillars

Techweek's strategic pillars shape the Techweek24 programme, and help guide our event organiser community to create events that will have a tangible impact on the growth of New Zealand technology for the benefit of all New Zealanders. We work with strategic partners across the public and private sectors to bring these pillars to life during Techweek. 













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